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WhatWouldJulieDo?  Improve Environmental Sustainability

How to Get in Balance With Our Planet

Our planet is in trouble.
Serious trouble.
Ya think?

The fires.  The storms.  The Extinctions.  Scarcity.  Starvation.  Record Heat.  Melting Glaciers.  Rising Seas.  Drought.  Overpopulation.  Immigration.  Emmigration.  Wars and Conflict.  Genocide.  Diseases.  Plagues.

And that's just us humans.

What about the wildlife?
The other life that lives here?
Who has to live with our mess.
Our poisons.
Who can't speak up?

What about our planet?
The only earth we have?
Could we be stressing our planet?
Our only home?
In the universe?
If we are, we could be in trouble.

In this blog, I will dive into 
the numbers.
The science.
The facts.
The reality.
It's what I do.

I have dedicated the remainder
of my life to this planet.
To our ethical responsibility.
To clean up our mess.
To fix what we have broken.
To get in balance with our planet.
To leave a habitable planet.
For future generations.
For wildlife.

Do we have a problem?
If so, what can we do?
Is there still a chance?

I'm an optimist.
I think we have a chance.
But we need to act now.
Right now.
Not 20 years from now.
Then it will be too late.
I'll show you why I think that.
Check in from time to time.
There are indeed things we can do.
But we need to do it now.
And we need to do it together.
The good news is, it's not hard.
It just takes a little will.
And, yes, some stubbornness too.
I have both.
Do you?
I hope so.
We need you.


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