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My blog site, "What Would Julie Do", exists to share what I do in this journey of life.  

Why do I want to share my life? 


Well, for one thing, I have decided to dedicate my life to improving sustainability on our planet.  I have long been concerned about our environmental sustainability, and have been on a journey my entire life that has led me to where I am today.  I'm not saying that where I am is great or not great.  It is simply where I am. 


I'm actually fairly content about my life in general.  But I'm really worried about the future of our planet, and I'm hoping that by sharing some stories of my life that led me to where I am today, and how those stories have impacted my behavior, and continue to change me every day, that I can somehow manage to educate and inspire others to want to change, and to actually change, so that they reduce their carbon footprint on this planet, as I have. 


If enough of us make needed changes in our daily lives, we can stop the destruction humanity has wrought on this planet.  Destruction that continues and worsens with each passing second, each passing minute, hour and day.  Our planet is on a bad path, is already past the tipping point, and will become essentially unhabitable by the end of this century if we don't change pretty quickly.  My scientific background combined with years of observation and research has convinved me.  I hope I can convince others.  There are a lot of really smart voices in this world speaking for the planet, and I am just but another.  We need all of us to speak for the planet, to gain passion and momentum.  We cannot continue to ignore the most important problem of our existance as humans.


We are in a planetary scale emergency, and most of us don't seem to realize it, or don't seem to think we can do anything about it.  I am sure we still have time, but we need to act quickly and decisively.  The 40-year path that I took to wake up and change is far too slow.  We must change in the next few years, and change decisively, to have any chance at all of leaving a habitable planet for our descendants.  The sooner we make our changes, the sooner our planet can begin to heal.

I named my site "What Would Julie Do", in remembrance of my departed sister, Kelly, who used to say that she was inspired by me, and every time she looked at a piece of garbage, she would ask herself, "what would Julie do?", before deciding which recycling bin to put it in.  I miss Kelly, and think of her every day.  She has inspired me to at least try to inspire others.

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