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I have a vision of what our planet can look like in 30 years if we humans will get back in balance with our planet.  We can have a good life for all humans, and the wildlife, the other inhabitants, who can't speak for themselves.  We are overrunning our planet with our massive population and demands on land and resources, driving other species to extinction in the process.  This needs to stop immediately.  If we continue on this path, we will push the planet to such a state of imbalance that it will become uninhabitable for us, and for other life.  This is extremely irresponsible to future generations, who have to live or die because of our actions, or lack of action. 

We can save our planet by improving environmental sustainability.  We can reduce our carbon footprint with simple actions and changes in our everyday lives.  We can get this done, but we must act now.  We all need to change, and get off our addictions to our excessive demands on this planet.  If we fail, it's on us, and we will go down as the generation that killed the planet.  Let's work together to keep this from happening.  Let's do this together.

My passion comes from my adventures in the beautiful outdoors, and we can have those adventures sustainably.  We humans need to get outside.  It gets us off the couch and we are healthier and happier.  Just do it.  It's never too late!

I encourage you to check on this blog from time to time.  I will be posting new ideas regularly, that I know will help if we take it to heart and convert the ideas into action for our planet.  We just need to do the right things.

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